A Zen Harvest: Japanese Zen Folk Sayings by Robert Aitken,Soiku Shigematsu

By Robert Aitken,Soiku Shigematsu

One of the very important features of conventional Rinzai Zen koan research in Japan is jakugo, or capping-phrase workouts. while Zen scholars have attained enough mastery of meditation or focus, they're given a koan (such because the primary “What is the sound of 1 hand clapping?”) to check. while the scholar offers a passable reaction to the koan, he advances to the jakugo exercise–he needs to opt for a “capping phrase,” frequently a passage from a poem one of the hundreds of thousands in a different anthology, the one publication allowed within the monastery.
One such anthology, written totally in chinese language, used to be translated by way of famous Zen priest and student Soiku Shigematsu as A Zen woodland: Sayings of the Masters. Equally vital is a eastern assortment, the Zenrin Segoshu, which Mr. Shigematsu now interprets from the japanese, together with approximately 8 hundred poems in gleaming English models that continue the Zen implications of the verse.

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